The project

Phononic Vibes introduces a new patented technology with unprecedented performances in the vibration and noise control and isolation, with a circular economy approach.

It originates from the research activity at Politecnico di Milano and Massachusetts Institute of Technology of its founders in the field of meta-materials, to achieve and engineer novel and unmatched properties, focusing on materials with periodic architected topology.

Phononic Vibes generates, with competitive prices, greater performances with respect to products already on the market, in various sectors of application such as industrial, construction and infrastructures.

Watch the 5 min project video presentation here or on YouTube!
Or if you prefer a cool scientific demonstration of our technology have a look to the 1.5 min video!

1.5 min cool scientific demonstration:

5 min video pitch:



Meta (μετά) means “beyond” in Greek. A metamaterial finds its property in its geometry, in the topology of the basic unit cell, rather than in the material itself. This allows a great freedom when it comes to create a product adapted to your needs!