The project

Phononic Vibes introduces a new patented technology with unprecedented performances in the vibration and noise control and isolation, with a circular economy approach.

It originates from the research activity at Politecnico di Milano and Massachusetts Institute of Technology of its founders in the field of meta-materials, to achieve and engineer novel and unmatched properties.

Due to the versatility of its products, Phononic Vibes guarantees with competitive prices several times the isolation property usually found in the market, in multiple sectors of application such as industrial, construction and infrastructures.

The technology

Phononic Vibes implements the new technology based on periodic architected structures to damp out and absorb the mechanical vibrations and noise.

In every sector of application, this new patented technology is able to introduce innovation in the physical concept of isolation and absorption. Nowadays specific materials are needed to obtain such properties: our technology is independent from the specific material, it works with every material. The basic concept relies on the topology, the geometry of the periodic arrangement of the unit cells composign the macro-structure.

In this view, we are proud to make our products in the circular economy approach, using recycled materials.

The team

LUCA D’ALESSANDRO – Business and product development

GIOVANNI CAPELLARI – Business and product development

STEFANO CAVERNI – Technical aspects

Senior technical advisors:

FRANCESCO BRAGHIN – Full prof. of mechanical eng. @ Politecnico di Milano

CORIGLIANO ALBERTO – Full prof. of structural eng. @ Politecnico di Milano

RAFFAELE ARDITO – Assoc. prof. of structural eng. @ Politecnico di Milano

Senior business advisor:

ANDREA BOERI – Business angel and mentor, Co-founder Value Partners